Working Together

How do we figure out if it's a fit?

If you're interested in working together, click the button below and please fill out the form.  It's helpful to know a bit about your business and your needs before we talk, so that we both can make the best use of out time.  I've worked with both large and small businesses, and I'm able to make the most impact when the leader is committed to growth.   

Don't be fooled, growth requires change, and can be a bit messy.  I'm not going to sugar-coat it.   I'm known for being direct.  If I'm not the right person, I'll let you know.   Sometimes what you think you need, and what you actually need are completely different things.   I'm here to help and look forward to talking with you.

Launch Consulting


Are you forgetting something? Ready for an experienced pair of eyes to look over your shoulder and see what you may be missing?

Finding the piece that you’ve forgotten - before you launch - can prevent lots of stress, panic, and keep those last-minute rushes from happening. And more importantly, you won’t look like a fool in front of your prospective customers. And you won’t be leaving lots of money on the table because you didn’t double-check the details.

We’ll go through your launch plan, avatar, marketing assets, funnel, sales page, user experience and metrics - to review what’s being done and help catch anything that’s been missed. We’ll also teach your team how to test properly - so that your customers have the best experience possible.


Let’s create a launch plan specific to you, your business and your product.

Whether this is your first launch or your fiftieth, everything is easier when there is a detailed plan to follow, and you don’t have to guess at your priorities.

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Does it feel like there’s too much to be done? Not sure how it all is going to happen in such a short timeframe?

We’ll map out what needs to be done, discuss the resources you need, identify any gaps and lay out a timeline so that you can just execute - rather than constantly wonder what it is that you should be doing. We’ll also discuss how to prevent timelines from slipping, and how to work with contractors to get results delivered on-time and on-budget.


Finally ready to create your online course or information product?  Want to relaunch an existing product, but need to modernize it and give it a facelift? Not sure how to structure your content?  Confused about what all to include?

Unsure of how to price your product, and where you could add in multiple tiers?

Want to adopt the best practices and give yourself the best chance of being successful?

Not sure of what to upsell, downsell or how to cross-promote?

Get product clarity. We’ll systematically go through the strategy of product creation and evergreening process so that you can teach effectively, add value to your customers lives and create the best lifetime value.

Business Strategy and Consulting


Ready to schedule your VIP day of one on one time with Rachel?          


Ready to take your business to the next level?  Work together monthly to achieve your goals.


Want to accelerate your progress? Work together via private coaching.


Want to pick Rachel’s brain? Get your questions answered in a coffee meeting - over skype, or in-person in Austin, Texas

Online Courses

The program is designed to take the pain out of setting up a help desk, and the ready to use scripts will answer the most common customer service questions. Don't be at a loss for words. Join the program and start using our templates today.