Rachel’s results speak for themselves. Read on.

Rachel managed the entire launch process, coordinating all moving pieces and making sure we hit all our important deadlines...you were incredible at not just coordination, but working with everyone at IWT. Every time -- literally every time -- another IWT member talks about you, it's to say, "Wow, Rachel really knows what she's doing." Rachel, you were incredible.

Ramit Sethi

Rachel is great to work with and has helped me grow my business with strategies I hadn’t thought of. Not only that, she cares about others and their success just as much as her own. She actually hopped on the phone with me at midnight to talk me through some writing that I was stuck on. She showed me what goes into an email sales campaign and helped me understand the process, leading to more sales. Rachel is also an amazing project manager. When my business was chaotic and I heard I needed to document processes, I had a hard time implementing these procedures. Rachel showed me how to use what I read about documentation and implement it in a real company. We still use this process today.

Andrew Warner

I have a knack for spotting genius. Here’s Rachel’s: Rachel’s genius is in asking the questions that lead to more income and more impact for entrepreneurs’ lives and businesses. I’ve never worked with a consultant who has this power like Rachel does. And I love that she treats my business like it’s her own. If you are able to work with Rachel, do it. Just be prepared to grow… fast.

Andy Drish

Rachel’s integrity shines through in her work. If she can help – she will tell you. If she can’t she’ll tell you! I love that I can trust her fully.

Jaime Masters

Rachel is phenomenal when it comes to advising entrepreneurs on how to increase their revenue in a way that is alignment with their vision. She’s fun to work with and someone I know I can trust. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level!

Scott Britton

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel Kersten and her team on a recent project that was falling apart. Rachel is amazing-she saved the day! She is organized, strategic and extremely helpful. She was able to take charge of our project and resolve the problems other consultants struggled with for weeks within 24 hours. She was also able to anticipate and proactively resolve potential issues and saved us a lot of time, stress and money. She and her team are courteous, detail-oriented, follow-through, knowledgeable and accommodating and I would highly recommend her and her team!

Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

Rachel is a kind and dedicated business person that really takes the time to get to know about your business and doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. I consult with Rachel on a regular basis to brainstorm ideas and bounce off ideas to make sure things I’m working on make sense. She’s a great ally to have on your team and I highly recommend her counsel.

Brian Wallace

Rachel is amazing. She’s ridiculously smart and legitimately cares about people. I would feel fully confident hiring Rachel. Her track record is only outmatched by the quality of person she is.

Billy Murphy

When it comes to building businesses, most consultants are hammers calling everything a nail. Not Rachel. Her extensive business experience — from software to systems to project management to financial forecasting — gives her a general’s understanding of the situation. She understands how front- and back-end systems integrate with your team to make real, reliable growth possible.

Ryan Johnson

Rachel has a unique way of taking complex, unfamiliar business problems — the kind that put you in ‘analysis paralysis’ — and reframing them into really simple ones where you can clearly see the way forward. She’s the first person I tap whenever I’m stuck.

Justin Premick

Working with Rachel has been pivotal for my life and my business – every time we speak it’s like another layer of fog is removed and I know what I have to do, it’s truly remarkable, amazes me every time! When I first started working with Rachel she gave me much-needed clarity, and from there she worked on guiding me through the choices I needed to make to move forward. Rachel ​was able to quickly figure out what would work for me, and what I needed to do, and she guided me there without me ever feeling like there was a heavy hand on the tiller.

​Rachel is hands down the best ​at what she does,​ no question. Her team is absolutely top-notch as well – the whole ​experience is​ ​simply second-to-none.​ When I got the opportunity to work with Rachel I grabbed it with both hands, and I recommend that you do too!​

Renata Haupt

Working with Rachel had a profound impact on my business, giving me the tools and confidence I needed to shift my business in an entirely new direction. I am more profitable, happier and have a clearer view of my business thanks to her!

Marcus Blakenship

I love working with Rachel. She totally understands where I’m at and where I want to go better than I do. Her perspective and insight has profoundly changed the way I view and run my business. I can’t thank Rachel enough!

Justin Turpin

I’ve had the pleasure of both working directly with Rachel on projects and businesses and watching the difference she’s made for the businesses of some of my friends and colleagues. Simply, Rachel’s one of a kind. Her ability to grow businesses in an efficient, professional and profitable fashion is something to behold.

Rachel and her team deliver results. They can be counted on. Their experience, method and systems are hard to find. And I can’t recommend Quantifying highly enough.​

Andrew Way

Rachel is resourceful and smart, making the world a better place, by taking what you start with and transforming it. She great at looking at something and seeing the different possibilities and permutations that can occur, and envisioning the different ways it can all happen. Rachel believes everybody has value and worthy of attention.

Amy Kauffman

Hire Rachel Kersten already. It will make your life easier and your business more profitable.  I have seen Rachel and her team streamline companies from start to finish and help them grow in ways they didn’t know were possible. And I’ve seen it happen a lot, which is how you know Quantifying is the real deal.  Stop losing time, money, sleep and hair trying to guess at how you can grow your business. Rachel will do it better.​

Charlie Vallely

I used to wonder how other businesses seemed to go from struggling startup to fully operational (and profitable) almost overnight. Then I worked with Rachel…and I don’t wonder anymore. Rachel is the secret weapon you’ve never heard of…but I guarantee you’ve admired her work. She can take a business of any size and quickly identify where customers are being lost, why and how fix it. Then she’ll point out new revenue opportunities you’re missing and walk you through the steps to claim them. It’s like she travels into the future to see how your business is doing and comes back to tell you about it. You really have to experience it to believe it. Thankfully, I have…and I don’t make a professional move without booking time with Rachel first. Any business owner who decides to partner with Rachel is fortunate (and wise) indeed.

Chris Mason

Rachel helped us get through a challenging time and uplevel our business all in the span of 6 months together. Plus she was a LOT of fun to work with!

Craig Filek

Rachel Kersten was the secret weapon that helped thefoundation.com through some turbulent times all the way through a successful multi-million dollar launch. I would and have recommended her to anyone going through a launch.

Deon D'Silva

Rachel is super knowledgeable on all things related to internet marketing, launches in particular. And of course she’s a rockstar at managing teams.

Jamie Shiller

I’ve worked with Rachel on various consulting projects for over three years, and time after time she has been able to successfully double their businesses. She’s one of the few people I know who can run a seven-figure launch without issue, while keeping deadlines and deliverables on track. Rachel is great at seeing a vision for a business, leading a team, creating plans and just getting work done.

Keith Perhac

Rachel brings clarity to overwhelmingly complex situations. As I’m a “one man band” at the moment having an extra set of ears and eyes is invaluable when it comes to dealing with problems and making sure that I don’t get caught up in the day to day stuff and forget to think about the big picture. There are numerous problems which I have spent ages worrying/thinking about which have been resolved in minutes after talking them over. Making excuses for poor performance is easier when you are on your own.

Mike Ryan

I will tell you this. Do not engage with Rachel if you’re not serious about results. You can hire someone else to feed you motivation and give you the warm fuzzies, but with Rachel, you’d better be prepared for a good hard kick in the ass. She will hound you, ask you the difficult questions you don’t want to face, and follow through to make sure your words become actions. In short, she’s going to make sure all of the things you say you want to have happen actually do. It won’t be easy, and it will be worth far more than she’ll charge you.

Nicholas Hance

Rachel is really good at dissecting business problems and giving solid advice. She really helped when I had a lot going on in my businesses. She helped get an intern, so I didn’t have to cut anything. Rachel has really had a huge impact.

Josh Isaak

Experience Your Business, Transformed

When you’re ready for bigger things…

When you want to expand but aren’t sure how to do it… When you’re overwhelmed by the “business” side of business… That’s when you need Quantifying. Rachel has the skills and know-how to lead you where you want to go.

About Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel Kersten.

I founded Quantifying to help businesses achieve 360° transformations that result in improved sales, efficiency, and growth.

I’ve analyzed and overhauled systems for corporations as varied as Target, Nissan and Tractor Supply Company. I’ve created results for online entrepreneurs and software developers. From high-level strategy to boring financial analysis to nitty gritty project management, I’ve worked in every aspect of the business world. And I want to share that expertise with you.

My Story

Growing up a home-schooled kid on a dairy farm, problem-solving skills were a necessity. Even today, I consider farming the foundation of my success: it’s how I learned to observe, analyze, adjust and assess.

I graduated with a double major in Agriculture and Marketing, then earned my Master’s degree in Information Technology. Working my way up the retail ladder, I learned how to run a bricks-and-mortar business from the ground up. Then, I transitioned to the corporate world, managing extensive projects that spanned retail, financial and technology systems.

Consulting was my next step, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with an incredible array of companies and entrepreneurs in many different industries. Together, we’ve built systems, established metrics, managed product launches, led virtual teams, established strategy and so much more.

What It’s Like to Work With Me

My process is intensely collaborative, because  success stems from a deep understanding of your business and its goals. You’ll find me to be tenacious, trustworthy and dependable. While I'm fun to work with, I never sugarcoat the truth. Business is a journey, and I'll stick with you every step of the way.

What I Can Do For You

Whatever challenges you face, I have the expertise and experience to you sort out the problem, and understand the next steps. Reach out and tell me what’s on your mind, and we’ll start a conversation about how to make it happen.