"From strategy to results - we create sustainable growth for online business" 

- Rachel Kersten, CEO, Quantifying

Reach your goals, faster.

We appreciate how hard it is to sort through conflicting information to get to the real best practices. ​ Fortunately, that’s what we do best!

We know what really works, and we’re results-driven.  

  • Online Business Strategy
  • Audience Engagement & Customer Experience
  • Marketing Automation & Monetization
  • Launching Information Products & Online Courses

We're looking for growing companies to add to our impressive list of success stories.  Are you ready?

Take Your Success to the Next Level

We excel at “Quantifying” successful, established businesses – that is, evaluating their goals and creating a course of action to increase their profits. We’ll audit and assess your current process to understand where you are. Then, we’ll work together to clarify your goals and identify additional room for growth.

We’ll create a crystal-clear Q Plan that’s tailor-made and customized just for your situation, and we’ll teach you and your team how to execute the plan. We want you to perform your best, and we’ll give you the tools, knowledge, and accountability to do it.

Have a bigger impact online.

Our core competencies are:

We work with best selling authors to build their brand and spread their message beyond the book. We use proven digital strategies to help personality-based brands build relationships, increase sales and monetize their audiences.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Rapid Growth and Scaling
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Online Course Creation
  • Product Launch
  • Lifetime Customer Value
  • Evergreen Funnels
  • Business Coaching

Much of our work is done behind-the scenes, where we put a thought leader into the spotlight. We’ve worked with a number of amazing personalities, including John C Maxwell, Ramit Sethi, Eben Pagan, Shaa Wasmund, Andrew Warner, Jesse Elder, David Siteman Garland, Brian Kurtz, Dane Maxwell, Andy Drish, Alexis Martin-Neely, Gudni Gunnarsson, Dr. Josh Axe and Izabella Wentz.

Since 2010, our work with best-selling authors and personality-based businesses has generated of over 35 million dollars of online sales, and the launch of over 50 new on-line courses and information products. We help build engaged audiences, create multi-product portfolios, and maximize customer lifetime value. Our goal is to help you grow your message beyond the book, and create a legacy so that your message will have a lasting impact.