"Let's make your business better." 

                                   Rachel Kersten


Welcome to Quantifying!

We know it can be difficult to figure out what to do next.

Challenging to expand your team.

Overwhelming to streamline your processes.

Fortunately, that’s what we do best!

We’re business transformation experts, and we’re here to help.

Take Your Success to the Next Level

We excel at “Quantifying” successful, established businesses – that is, evaluating them and creating a course of action to increase their profits. We’ll audit and assess your current process to understand where you are. Then, we’ll work together to identify your goals and room for growth. We’ll create a crystal-clear Q Plan that’s customized just for you, and we’ll teach you how to execute it with your team. We want you to perform your best, and we’ll give you the tools you need to do it.

Create state-of-the-art information products with our self-service platform, Summit Evergreen, built by us for emerging business owners like you.

Start out the Smart Way

If you run a small business, or you’re just starting out, we want to help! This website is full of resources to educate and inspire you. No matter where you are in your journey, you’ll find information to help you create your own success. Get your hands dirty with Rachel’s weekly blog, full of practical tactics to increase your knowledge and improve your skills.